Eco Friendly Kitchens & Baths Are the Future of The Restaurant Biz

restaurantsWe live in a world where everyone is concerned about the future. We are trying to preserve our world so that future generations can enjoy it. We are turning to solar power over traditional, electric power. We are using eco friendly water faucets and shower heads in our home. Now, as more and more homes are focusing on eco friendly items, restaurants are taking action as well. Therefore, eco friendly kitchens and baths are the future of the restaurant biz in most areas.

Why Restaurants are Going Eco-Friendly

restaurants saving waterWhen you think about it, restaurants are very wasteful. There are food scraps that get tossed away at the end of the day and loads of dishes to wash. Plus, no other area will have as many visitors using the bathrooms, washing their hands, and other things. It isn’t any surprise that their water consumption is extremely high, even though no one takes showers in a restaurant. In order to preserve the future, we must do everything we can, starting with our homes and ending with our busiest businesses. Restaurants are climbing on board and for that; our future grandkids will be grateful. Especially since estimates indicate that on any given day, a restaurant will use nearly 6,000 gallons of water each day.

How Restaurants Can Save Water

Think about how much water a restaurant uses in their kitchen, bathrooms, irrigation or landscapes, and then cleaning up at the end of each day. Each area uses a lot of water, but most of it is wasted in the kitchen and bathrooms. Therefore, one of the best ways to save water is to upgrade those areas. Instead of traditional faucets, they can use high pressure faucets and those that are touch or sensor activated. This will prevent people from running more water than they need, especially if there is a sensor on it. A great site to view a variety of these eco friendly plumbing supplies is Pro Shower Source. Here you will find low flow heads as well as solutions for low water pressure.

Additionally, the toilets can also be upgraded so that they are high pressure, low flow toilets. These toilets will stay cleaner longer and use less water than the older style toilets. Setting irrigation systems to only run a couple hours every few days will save water there and then all you have is clean, which uses very little water because most places use cleaners.

Other Ways to Save

saving waterRestaurants can save money and resources by upgrading lights to run more efficiently. LED bulbs and motion sensor lights are a good place to start. You can also save by turning down your thermostat, but be prepared to have some people complain about being too hot or too cold. However, most all people will not notice just a few degrees difference, so you should be able to turn it down from 72 to 68 during the winter or up to 76 during the summer. Energy efficient appliances in the kitchen can also help. Dish washers that use very little water and power are a bonus, but mostly you will want to run it only when full. If you are willing to do a few very simple things, your improvements can pay for themselves in a very short time. Are you willing to do what you can for the future?