Would You Eat That?

There are people out there that eat things most of us wouldn’t dream of eating. For instance, a pig’s head or very large grubs. There was even a time when cats or dogs were fair game for fine dining. What are some of the strangest things you have heard of to eat? Would you dare to give it a try? Perhaps you will find your answer hidden blow.

Chinese Favorites

One thing that is served in both Indonesia and China is the dragonfly. It may be boiled or fried and many people say that if you can get beyond the looks of it; you will find that it tastes like a soft-shelled crab. China is also known for eating starfish, which most of us wouldn’t dream of doing. The meat of it has a texture that is enjoyable by some, but not all.

Japan’s Unique Food

A delicacy in Japan, is the Shirako. It appeals to many people, but for others it wouldn’t even be something they considered eating. It is made using fish sperm sacks. Doesn’t that sound enjoyable? Would you consider eating a wasp? If you are within 100 miles of Tokyo you will have most likely had the opportunity. Most often, the wasps are put inside of a cracker and enjoyed by many people. During cherry blossom season, you have the option to try Cherry Blossom Meat. This may sound like a true treat until you realize it is made of raw horse meat.

Grossest Foods Ever?

People in Scotland are willing to eat a meal that is stuffed inside of a sheep’s stomach. Inside the stomach you will find spices, onions, oatmeal, and that animal’s liver, heart, and lungs. If you want to experience a tranquil experience, you may enjoy eating stink bugs in Africa. These bugs are eaten both raw or cooked and many people say that they taste almost like apples. If you are not full after dinner, you can have some ice cream that is made Alaskan style. It is made of seal oil, snow, berries, ground up fish, and reindeer fat.

Would you want to take a bite of any of the things listed above? I’m not sure that I would, but most all of it has been enjoyed by many within these areas of the world. Who am I to judge their taste?